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SOLID, engineered or laminate wooden flooring is a popular choice of floor finish in the modern home. ‘It’s a floor finish that delivers great value for money, is easy to install and pretty much maintenance free just like the AmberDry Foil underfloor heating system,’ says Gaia.

‘AmberDry underfloor heating foil mats are the perfect solution to providing sole source floor warming to floating laminate and engineered wood floor finishes.’

The company adds: ‘Simple to use and quick to install, this system removes any requirement for installing a latex compound under the wood floor finish and features an aluminium dissipation layer to spread the heat evenly from the cable.

‘Hidden under the floor, AmberDry removes the problem of space taken with unsightly radiators in the home and it heats the entire floor.’

It’s more efficient than traditional radiators, says Gaia.

Gaia adds: ‘With underfloor heating the heat rises evenly across the floor; with radiators the heat travels straight up from the heater and across the ceiling cooling as it travels back down to the floor. Install in six simple steps, you can cut the mesh and foil (not the cable) turn the mat and position the next piece beside the first. Just follow the ‘how to guide’ supplied, you’ll have the system installed in no time at all.’

Gaia has provided these installation tips:

  • Insulation in the floor affects the floor heating system and heating costs. We recommend you install suitable insulation in the floors, whether it’s a small space such as a bathroom or a larger area where the floor heating system will be used as the main heating source;
  • The system must be connected by an approved electrician as per IEE 17th Edition wiring regulations and the installation conforms to Part P of the Building Regulations 2005;
  • Thermally restrictive items must not be installed onto underfloor heating in a way where heat can become trapped. Possible examples of thermally restrictive items could be heavy rugs, beanbags, or any item which restricts airflow and has a tog value greater than 2.5.

‘The AmberDry foil mats must be fitted onto XPS boards prior to fitting the wooden floor finish and a 500-gauge polythene layer must also be installed, says the company.

‘Always ensure you install the floor finish in accordance with the manufacturers requirements and during installation don’t step directly on the heating cable where possible.

‘We have a design and technical team offering support throughout your project from drawings to advice on which size mat you require and controls needed.

‘We supply retail showrooms, wholesalers and distributors across the country, offering next working day delivery and a 10-year warranty.’
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