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FROM a playing perspective, the sports surface is probably the most important item of equipment in any sport facility with timber sports floorings still popular for their traditional good looks, performance and longevity.

MFMA-certified hard maple is said to be among the most robust timber sports flooring available and when installed with an undercarriage system it provides a resilient, sprung floor with varied values of area elastic and shock absorbency.

NeoShok, manufactured by Gerflor-owned Connor Sports, is a floating sports floor with what is said to have high resiliency consisting of North American maple strips, a vapour barrier, NeoShok pads and plywood subflooring.

‘NeoShok offers high resistance to impacts and heavy loads with a high level of shock absorption,’ says Gerflor. ‘The floating system rests freely without anchorage to a concrete substrate. Different combinations of pad and subfloor designs provide varying levels of resiliency.

‘All Connor Sports hardwood flooring systems are sanded and varnished onsite providing a perfectly smooth and seamless surface which helps eliminate injury. Game-lines and graphics are encapsulated in several coats of varnish, delivering cost reductions in maintenance. NeoShok can be finished in three different grades of 57mmx20mm North American hard maple strip.’

Gerflor continues: ‘Founded in 1872, Connor Sports is the US market leader in portable and permanent hardwood sports flooring systems.

‘Connor Sports professional engineers lead the industry in new product design and development, setting the standard for innovative solutions in sports surfacing. In 1914, Connor Sports installed the first basketball court in the USA and never looked back.

‘It now has a renowned product range with a breadth and dependability that makes them the surface of choice for every level of competition across a wide range of sports. Connor Sports is the only American sports flooring company, and one of a few European sports flooring companies to operate under the ISO 14001 environmental management system and the only one in the sports flooring industry to be Zero Waste certified.

‘When the 2016 Rio Olympic Committee sought to buy eight courts for basketball and wheelchair basketball arenas they specified a total of 75,000sq m of flooring that would need to undergo the rigours of top-flight performance.

‘They selected Connor Sports floors from Gerflor. Says it all really!’

It’s fair to say handball is more than just popular in Hungary. 2018 saw a small provincial town in the country realise its dream for a new sports hall and leisure facility which also delivered a new ‘home’ for its handball team.

Siófok in Hungary is on the southern banks of Lake Balaton in Somogy county and is the seat of Siófok district. The town is one of Hungary's most popular holiday destinations, famous for its beaches and nightlife.

The new Sportcsarnok multifunctional sports facility accommodates up to 1,400 people in handball matches and close to 3,000 people at a host of public and business events. It’s said to be one of the most modern sports halls in the country, providing the handball team and the local community with a truly modern sports facility.

‘Therefore, it’s no wonder that they specified NeoShok for the main sports hall to deliver top flight performance for the handball team and other users,’ says Gerflor.
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