Wood - Haro

LAMINATE floors are still very much in demand on the market, even though design floors are extremely fashionable at present. Laminate floors boast features such as excellent suitability for everyday use, robustness, ease of care and practical experience over many years.

One perceived disadvantage of laminate floors compared to design floors is that they reflect walking noise more intensely than design floors. However, the Haro Tritty Silent CT (ComforTec) laminate floor proves this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case, says the company.

‘This laminate floor reduces indoor sound by up to 60% compared with laminate floors with conventional insulation underlay,’ it says.

Haro continues: ‘The quiet Haro Tritty laminate floor already has adhesive strips applied to the back of the individual floorboards in the factory, which allows the floor to be fixed easily and durably to the subfloor later on during installation.

‘This ComforTec technology, which is offered exclusively by Haro, provides the best possible connection between the screed and the laminate floor, creating room acoustics that come deceptively close to those of a fully glued down floor.

‘As the adhesive strips are produced on a synthetic rubber basis, the system is also absolutely solvent free. With an indoor sound reduction of more than 60% compared with conventional laminate floors measured in independent tests at the Wood Technology Institute in Dresden, this Haro innovation is the quietest laminate floor around — and comes with the Top Connect installation system, which is installed incredibly quickly and easily.’

The company says its Tritty laminate floor with Silent CT technology is available in all Tritty series. ‘The eye-catching display with demo samples for the PoS shows: rarely before could a product advantage be demonstrated so easily and clearly to the end consumer as with the quiet Haro Tritty Silent CT laminate floor. This means real sales opportunities for the retail trade.’

Haro concludes: ‘This was a convincing argument too for the clients of an extensive residential complex in Berlin with more than 300 student apartments, all of which were fitted with the Haro Tritty laminate floor with Silent CT technology.’