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POLYX-OIL Express from Osmo UK is claimed to be a premium fast-drying wood finish guaranteed to keep wooden surfaces in top condition. ‘Taking just 1.5 hours to dry in-between coats, Polyx-Oil Express offers flooring contractors, specifiers, DIY enthusiasts and consumers a solution that eliminates long downtime, while still providing all the professional features of a traditional oil-based finish,’ the company says.

‘Ideal for solid wood and plank wood flooring, blackstrip, OSB and cork floors, as well as furniture, Polyx-Oil Express is a high quality, water-repellent and dirt-resistant wood finish based on natural ingredients. It’s the fastest drying product Osmo UK has ever created. It dries within 1.5 hours in-between coats when used with the Osmo UK 6632 Hardener.’

Polyx-Oil Express is said by Osmo to be available in a clear-satin finish for what is described as a subtle, noble shimmer that resembles satin and emphasises the wood grain modestly, and a clear-matt finish for an almost completely natural look, with light reflections diffused.

‘Osmo UK Polyx-Oil Express is also extremely easy to apply,’ says the company. ‘Simply mix the hardener into the finish, then apply two coats thinly along the wood grain with a natural bristle brush or microfibre roller.

‘Brush on to the wood surface to achieve deep, long-lasting penetration.’

Osmo continues: ‘Offering all the professional features of a traditional oil-based finish, Polyx-Oil combines the smooth surface of conventional lacquers, and the ease of application of a water-based finish, while managing to eliminate the inherent disadvantages of these other types of finish.

‘Unlike ordinary oil finish products which form a film on the wood, Polyx-Oil Express’ natural components penetrate deeply into the wood to create a micro-porous finish. This allows the wood to breathe, moisture to evaporate and ensures a flawless finish on application and for years to come.’

Osmo concludes: ‘After treatment the wood is strengthened from within and retains its elasticity. It becomes water-repellent, stain-resistant and more hardwearing, because it meets the wood’s natural demands and doesn’t crack, flake, peel or blister.’
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