Wood - Swiss Krono

THE large main collection from Menznau (Switzerland) with 100 decorative finishes offering the appropriate floor for every requirement, every budget and every room, includes standard 1380x193mm planks in seven product lines with different surface structures and properties.

These form of the basis of the Swiss Floors collection,’ says Swiss Krono.

‘In addition to the standard sizes, plank lengths of up to 2,025mm and widths up to 398mm are available in additional product lines.’

In 2018, Swiss Krono says it launched a ‘new, unique product’ line on the market in the form of Swiss AquaStop. The company says the line is claimed to be, as the name suggests, water-resistant and reportedly offers homogenous wood decorative finishes and five multi-colour decorative finishes. ‘Each decorative finish consists of several selected, harmonious colour shades.’

Swiss Krono adds: ‘The multi-colour panels produce a visual highlight because of their diversity.

This means they’re ideal for everyone who wants to make their living space unique. Warm colours and varying nuances give each floor a unique character and form a particularly special work of art.

‘The floor has a highly lively, harmonious and warm appearance because of the multi-colour spectrum.