Yellow Fever - Forbo Flooring

IN 2017, UCAS saw 564,190 applications to attend university in the UK. With many of those students well into their new term - and countless living in new accommodation - it’s easy to see why the demand for high-quality student accommodation has increased.

Indeed, gone are the days of drab university dorm rooms with boring white walls and shabby blue carpet. Students and universities are demanding more with modern and brighter rooms for living, socialising and working in – and colour plays a vital role.

With this in mind, Jasper Sanders + Partners, the designers who worked on the New Bridewell student accommodation in Bristol, which offers modern studio-living for students, created a colourful concept, which made use of the colour yellow.

Yellow has firm connotations of flowers, sunshine and fresh spring days, so it’s suitable to brighten any interior.

Psychologically, yellow is also said to be associated with freshness, happiness, positivity, clarity, energy, optimism, enlightenment, remembrance, intellect and joy [1] – making it suitable for students’ living quarters.

Jasper Sanders, design director at Jasper Sanders + Partners, said: ‘Student accommodation has become a competitive market as end users are now very discerning about the quality of environments they want to live in.

‘Fresh Student Living, our client for this project, wanted us to create an inspiring and vibrant place, which would attract future tenants and help them connect easily with one another once they had moved in.

‘We opted for Forbo’s Tessera Layout carpet tiles for this area, as the collection was available in a variety of bright, contemporary colours and the modular format meant we could create a unique design, reflecting the long history of the University’s Department of Computer Science.’

When it comes to student accommodation, contractors and designers can’t afford to be minimalistic; they need to create interiors that will excite and energise students and in this instance the colour yellow apparently did that.

With the bright yellow carpet tiles contrasting with the more calming blue colours on the floor of New Bridewell, it’s apparently set to be a hit with present and future students.

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