Yellow fever - Techfloor

FLOORING trends hit a big rise following the 2017 must-have trends. ‘With many stepping out of the box being more creative, innovative, and standing strong with their originality, ensuring they stand out from the crowd with their statement piece,’ says Techfloor.

The new ‘in thing’ is ‘made to order’, according to the company, which adds: ‘Pro: It never goes out of fashion.’

‘Lean towards bright bold colours and being a lot more daring,’ the company says. ‘Yellow is a great colour accent, which keeps rooms and hallways shining bright and not only on the sunny days.’

Linoleum is a natural product made up of all-natural products, such as linseed oil, cork, resin and so on. ‘Linoleum can be used on walls and flooring, cut to any shape and size, comes in more than 100 different shades, mostly solid colours, and some with different types of textures, and designs.’ Techfloor points out linoleum is suitable for many parts of a house, and is very easy to maintain, which is one of the positives. ‘Linoleum is becoming more popular in home interior, owing to its clean smooth finish, vibrant and neutral tones, antibacterial, and pleasantly warming.’

Techfloor says the top tip for 2017, a season of colour confidence, is to have fun with the zingy yellow, poppy red, fuchsia pink, ‘and which ever other colour pops out!’

All this is available at Techfloor Services, the UK partners of DLW Germany, the company says.
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