With a little help from my friends

Sponsorship has a fantastic impact on new training courses and CPD says Mick O’Flynn

IT’s difficult to believe I’ve been working for the CFA and the Flooring Industry Training Association (Fita) as a training manager for well over a year now.

When I started my role in mid-March 2016 I expected one of my biggest challenges would be securing sponsorship and support for the Fita training centre from manufacturers, contractors and suppliers.

This support is vitally important for maintaining and developing new courses then stimulating interest in high quality delivery. However, what I originally thought would be a challenge turned out to be an absolute pleasure, because the support from our sponsors and supporters has been fantastic, showing their strong commitment to investing in training and development activity for the sector.

For instance, with the support of sponsors Fita has developed a suite of courses and workshops which we’re looking forward to launching from September in our new 2017/18 prospectus.

These will focus on areas where we have responded to industry feedback - that there was a growing need for more specialist knowledge and skills in carpet fitting.

We therefore hope to see a strong take up of the following carpets based programmes starting in September:  

  • Borders – two-day course
  • Naturals (including stairs) - two-day course
  • Advanced Carpet Course - three-day course (revised for 2017/18)
  • Stairs – one-day workshopJoins (including repairs) – one-day workshop
  • Hand Sewn Bullnose/Double Bullnose – one-day workshop
  • Stretching Techniques – one-day workshop

Full details of these new Fita courses and workshops will be available in our new prospectus and on the Fita website at www.fita.co.uk

FITA also hosted one of its most important events in April, when all instructors attended an intensive day of CPD with an update provided on the latest tools, materials and laying techniques from some of our sponsors.

As such the Fita team would like to thank all of our sponsors for their great support, but specifically Mapei and Interface for taking part in this important yet enjoyable day.

Staying updated on the latest developments with products and laying techniques is important in keeping Fita’s specialist training and assessment offer at the cutting edge of skills development.

So, taking time out to provide valuable product updates can enhance the training we provide, especially when manufacturers provide ‘top tips’ on how to achieve better results in faster times while ensuring a high-quality finished product.

Of course, the best practice and ‘top tips’ are then cascaded down from our instructors to our delegates and so the circle of knowledge and skills grows within the industry and the positive impact of sponsors support is easy to see, allowing the manufacturers involved to reach and influence an important target audience.

So taking these two areas of high value impact into account, I’d like to thank the above sponsors again for their fantastic support and I hope the flooring industry continues to benefit from this level of investment in training initiatives for many years to come, as clearly this is a great strength which the sector should be proud of.

Finally, if any other manufacturers, contractors or suppliers would like to become Fita sponsors and have tools or materials they’d like us to consider using on our courses, or alternatively if anyone is interested in attending one of the many courses on offer at Fita, contact us on 0115 9506836, email info@fita.co.uk or visit www.fita.co.uk for information on courses and assessments.
01159 411126
Mick O’Flynn is training manager at the CFA