The Flooring Show bought by Ocean Media Group

The Flooring Show, which has been run 55 times, has been purchased by Ocean Media Group, a provider of exhibitions, events, awards and specialist publications.

Owned and organised by Wendy Adams for …

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‘Brexit will boost British builders’

MOST respondents believe it will force us to solve the skills shortage once and for all by investing in younger generations and encouraging them into the sector. This places extra emphasis on making s…

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Practicality was the main requirement when historic Hardwick Hall Hotel needed to refurbish its carpeting. By David Strydom

HARDWICK Hall, a four-star rated hotel in Sedgefield, County Durham and Tee…

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The Wizard of oz

Angus Fotheringhame was marketing head at Forbo when his boss decided to dispatch him on an Australian odyssey. The rest is history…  

By David Strydom/Kirkcaldy

IT’S quite a distance from Kirkcaldy…

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THE question above was recently posed to several manufacturers including Haro, Atkinson & Kirby, and IDS. Their responses are published below.


When adopting the floating f…

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EMPLOYMENT LAW - A side of cancer with your chip implant?

Human chip implants - the new techno-craze coming soon to a UK employer near you – have caused aggressive, lethal cancers in lab mice, zoo animals and pets. Fancy one?

Jessica Thornberry reports


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VAT’s flat – or is it?

VAT should, in theory, be easy to understand. The problem is that it can be quite complex. Here’s why

VAT is supposed to be a simple tax. It’s collected from clients on your sales (output tax), and i…

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Brintons exhibits at Flooring Show

Brintons (stand C23/51) believes a carpet is never just a carpet. It sees it as a foundation for creativity, a way to bring your home to life, helping you express yourself, in ways you never thought p…

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WTC exhibits at Flooring Show

WTC WORKWEAR is a family-owned textile group offering functional, reportedly high-quality workwear and uniform for individual and businesses.

Formally approved by the NICF and with more than 25 years…

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Coral Click entrance flooring

FOLLOWING on the heels of a major ‘refresh’ and extension of its Coral textile entrance matting collection, Forbo has launched Coral Click, an ‘off-the-shelf’ entrance flooring option supplied in what…

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‘Food-safe’ surface care range

FILA’s surface care range includes various treatments offered with ‘food safe’ certification for use in kitchen and food preparation areas.

Designed to clean and protect natural surface materials – w…

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Solid wood sports floors

JUNCKERS says its sports floors are made in solid hardwood, adding that this is one of the most durable surfaces available and virtually unbeatable in terms of lifecycle costs.

As well as complying f…

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An all-in-one system from Kährs

DEVELOPED for sports and leisure activities, Kährs Activity Floor is an ‘all-in-one’ system designed for floating installation, the company says.

Integral shock-absorption and reinforcement propertie…

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Flooring system for sports floors

HAVWOODS says it makes no secret of the fact engineered wood is its surface of choice for many applications, but that sports flooring is not one of them.

‘We remain convinced of the benefits of playi…

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Sport in focus for Boen

TO enhance and increase Nottingham University’s standing in sport and to deliver a key requirement to underpin the emerging strategy to deliver a new ‘Vision for sport’ the department of sport chose K…

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Howe Green says it’s a good sport

IF you’re looking for safe and easy access to concealed services located under sports flooring Howe Green says it can help.

It describes itself as a leading manufacturer of floor, wall and ceiling ac…

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Model 'L112' for sport locations

THE CreteAngle Multiflow Forced Action Pan Type Wet Pour Mixer Mixer Model 'L112' has been designed for rubber crumb, wetpour, rubber mulch and other low density lightweight materials, for sports stad…

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Coba expands matting range

COBA FLOORING has expanded its range once again following the introduction of Precision Inlaid Logo Matting to its custom-branded collection of entrance mats.

Logomat Precision is said by the company…

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Making a meal of it

Tile supplier Solus Ceramics says it’s brought a sense of style and individuality to a new and unique sour dough pizzeria in Crystal Palace, southeast London.

Designed by Richardson Studio, Four Hund…

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Growth predicted for fibreglass flooring sector

THE global fiberglass flooring market is expected to reach USD987m by 2025, according to a new report, Fiberglass Flooring Market Size and Trend Analysis and Segment Forecasts, 2014-2025.

The growing…

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In the Dock

Meet Gareth Gray, TILEMASTER area sales manager (flooring) for the North, Midlands, Scotland and Ireland

Did you ever get into trouble at school and, if so, why?

In my first year at secondary school…

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Range expanded by UltraFloor

ULTRAFLOOR’s range has been expanded with a flexible smoothing finishing compound, Level IT Super Flex 30

A two-component system, Level IT Super Flex 30 is said to be rapid setting and drying and boa…

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Tilemaster launches Super Flow 30

TILEMASTER has launched its new ultra-rapid setting self-leveller – Super Flow 30. It says the two-part system provides a top surface finish that can be walked on within 30 minutes - and covered with …

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Mineral binder from Kerakoll

Keracem Eco from KERAKOLL is ‘a rapid-drying mineral binder for high performance screeds and heat radiant slabs’

KERACEM ECO from Kerakoll is said to be a rapid-drying mineral binder for high perform…

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Polyflor at liberty in Wales

‘High design’ LVTs from Polyflor’s Expona Commercial PUR collection were recently chosen for the refurbishment of hospitality and conferencing suites at Liberty Stadium in Swansea, Wales.

Liberty Sta…

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The life of a floor

Alec Stacey, technical manager at Bona, looks at a solution for every stage of the floor’s life

FOR a year or so, Bona has been promoting a Floor Care Programme to our Bona certified contractors as p…

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Where the flooring world gathers

Domotex in Hannover is a bit like the UN of the industry – everybody wants a piece of the action

DOMOTEX is the world’s most famous flooring show and for good reason. I returned from this year’s show…

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There’s a serious killer under your feet!

ABESTOS causes 4000 deaths each year, according to the Health & Safety Executive (HSE). Many of these are current or former floorlayers. And, overall, the numbers of lives taken by this lethal pro…

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Floating is the answer for uneven subfloors

READING Sid Bourne’s article in CFJ (May 2011) (‘Use Glue and you won't come unstuck’) made me wonder if Sid had been ever so fortunate to always encounter perfectly sound concrete subfloor to glue on…

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Cutting edge advice about carpet joins

TO cut or not to cut: This question sometimes arises when installing woven carpets as well as carpets with extra backing material that I call selvedges. Some fitters don’t even consider this element o…

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Poor carpet fitting can cause ‘ripples’

RIPPLING carpets is something that anyone who cleans carpets on a regular basis will have experienced. I know I have, many times. In fact, one day I was looking at carpets I was cleaning, about to exp…

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Be warned: Inhaling wood dust can get you into a serious scrape

Terry Guilford outlines the health risks when sanding wood floors

I GET asked many questions about floor sanding but recently I was consulted about the dangers of sanding a particular type of timber …

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Sticking points

Using the correct adhesive is vital for a successful flooring installation:

BAL Level Max, the new all-in-one leveller with Fibre Strand Technology (FST), is said to be able to bed depths up to 80mm …

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Floating floors can make you sea-sick

This solid wood floor was floated. It lifted after only a few days. The subfloor was also uneven, breaking down the glue joints. The photo shows the floor raised in one area by over 300mm. Other areas…

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The well-heeled love the hard wax oil touch

Terry Guilford with a rough guide to wood floor sanding

LAST month I wrote about the profitability of wood floor sanding compared to that of carpet or hard floor cleaning and I also touched on the fa…

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‘Why does Independent Inspections favour Carpetright and shut out independent retailers?’

Cheryl Hutchison, of Hutchison’s Carpets, Galashiels, says it’s clear Independent Inspections supports Carpetright at the expense of independent retailers:

 I AM so glad that we are not the only inde…

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Magnesite: Key facts you ought to know

HERE is something of a blast from the past that’s cropped up in a couple of recent projects – magnesite.

Although it’s not commonly used anymore, the focus on refurbishing older buildings means contr…

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Would I lye to you if I picture a stunning Nordic blonde?

Terry Guilford on the use of lye on timber floors

A LITTLE white lye: OK so it’s a terrible pun but cut me some slack, I am writing this at 7am and I am already on my second train of the day heading …

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Asbestos alert: Bob is useless and dangerous

Sid Bourne on judging the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ customers

I WAS called out by a consumer who had a problem with a finger block oak flooring which had dramatically failed after being installed by Bob t…

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Use glue and you won’t come unstuck

TO float or not to float, that is the question. But what is the answer. I get asked this question on many occasions. My personal preference is gluing. However because I prefer gluing doesn’t mean it’s…

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Plywood: ‘There is no such thing as WBP’

Jim Coulson on specifying plywood

WHEN flooring contractors are faced with the need to overlay an old floor surface, prior to installing a high quality flooring finish, they always seem to end up ask…

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How to choose between an oil or lacquer

Tony Bicknell, area sales manager, Kährs UK, explains a critical choice: THE ‘surface innovators’ in our industry have been hard at work. From the rustic tactile, matt finish, to a timber surface that…

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Walnut is woeful and pitch pine is pitiful

Terry Guilford on design disasters

I AM willing to bet that there isn’t anyone connected to the construction industry who hasn’t, at some time or other, viewed the plans of a home owner or interior d…

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Slip resistance: Know your Rs from your pendulum

Paul Rogers, technical specification manager at Forbo Flooring Systems, explains how to assess the slip resistance of flooring: 

ONE slip or trip accident occurs every three minutes, according to the…

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Failure with asphalt? Here’s the fault

Sid Bourne on wood flooring over an asphalt subfloors

ONE of the most common complaints that I attend is failed flooring adhered to asphalt subfloor regardless of a smoothing compound applied over th…

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How does LVT compare with laminate?

LUXURY vinyl tiles (LVTs) and planks have sometimes been compared with laminate flooring. So what’s the difference?

Laminate flooring is considered to be easy to install, but moisture or high humidit…

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Ideal partnership and stamp of success

Use OSB when marine ply is too dear

NOW and then, I get phone-calls directly triggered by one of my technical articles in CFJ. Recently I had an enquiry about a suitable wood-based board for use unde…

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Gerflor warns other manufacturers and distributors about professional scam


GERFLOR has lost thousands of pounds in a professional scam that appears to revolve around floor-fitters obtaining products for nothing. The manufacturer is now warning other manufa…

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Take note: Emails can be legally binding!

Anthony Young on the keyboard route to court

EMAILS offer an easy way of communication and is now almost universal. It is, however, important to realise that while it may appear to be informal it may…

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Why it’s essential to get rid of laitance

ADVICE on the correct preparation for calcium sulphate screeds was given in my last article in CFJ (September 2011). This month I will focus on the best way to deal with another difficult and frequent…

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Moisture resistant doesn’t mean waterproof

Jim Coulson on flooring grade particleboard (chipboard)

 IN this series of articles, I spent quite a bit of time talking about plywood. This is for good reason, since it is used a lot for overlaying …

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Anhydrite screeds: Handle with care

FOLLOWING my November column in CFJ on subfloor moisture, I received a call from a reader asking for advice on dealing with moisture in calcium sulphate (ie. anhydrite or alpha-hemihydrate) screeds. W…

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Subfloors: Think before you go overboard

Martin Cummins on overboard floors

A LONG established method of preparing a subfloor before laying resilient or textile floorcoverings is to overboard the area with a suitable grade of plywood or ha…

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Porcelain tiles: To seal or not to seal?

SHOULD a porcelain tile floor be sealed after installation? It’s a question that we get asked on a regular basis.

Take a look on Google and you’ll find a host of conflicting views; there’s an argumen…

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How to stop that creaking and groaning

Jim Coulson on noisy floors

WE have all experienced it at some time or another: A creaky, squeaky floor that always seems to ‘go’ in the same place, every time someone walks over it. Even if you’re l…

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