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Flowcrete Flowchem offers best-in-class protection for concrete and steel structures

FLOOR, wall, and container corrosion is a very common problem in industrial facilities exposed to chemicals and extreme temperatures. It can cause hazardous conditions for employees, visitors, and the surroundings as a porous material such as concrete means chemicals can impact the ground, and consequently the environment.

Repairs and consequent delays in production are also major disadvantages of not having a high-quality industrial flooring and wall coating system in place.

Flowcrete Flowchem says it offers best-in-class protection where concrete and steel structures need a powerful anti-corrosion coating, capable of shielding against attack from chemical and mechanical sources.

‘Engineered to meet the specific needs of individual environments, Flowchem’s vinyl ester coating, bunding and lining materials deliver a time-proven and trusted system where a durable, high chemical and thermal shock resistant finish is required.

‘The shrink-free, modified vinyl ester resin formulation provides superior protection against highly concentrated acids, alkalis, and solvents, while a wide variety of grades, including the ultra-fast track installation MMA, insulating honeycomb and electrostatic dissipating (ESD) ranges, provide a choice of options for specifiers.’

Flowchem can reportedly be applied vertically and horizontally to enable protection to be carefully targeted, and once installed, floor and wall surfaces are offered immediate protection in areas of primary and secondary containment, as well as those exposed to aggressive chemical containments, or even explosive risk.

‘Flowchem also offers environmental and sustainability benefits, including the ability to protect against ground contamination, while the longevity of the systems ensures less products are required over the years, reducing the need for reapplication, and delivering lifecycle cost savings too. Typical applications include, but are not limited to, chemical processing, waste-water treatment, petrochemicals, pharmaceutical, heavy engineering, and power generation.’

The company points out that Flowchem can also be delivered as a complete Floorzone package, with Flowcrete – as a Construction Products Group (CPG) UK company – able to integrate movement joints from another CPG (UK) company, Migua, into the installation project.

Stephen King, London specification manager for Flowcrete said: ‘Flowchem is a superb, world-beating product and there’s nothing quite like it in the market. Usually, most tests are done based on splashes, ambient temperature and only for about four weeks.

‘We test our Flowchem systems for continuous chemical attack over 365 days, exposing them to different chemical concentrations and temperatures, following the ASTM chemical industry standards. Our corrosion protection flooring and wall coatings are tested for more than 14,000 chemical substances and in different extreme temperatures.

‘We’ve also developed fast curing options to reduce downtime and even the offer anti-static grades to safeguard sites from electrostatic discharge. The material has a long service life and offers exceptional durability against excessive wear and tear, as well as extreme temperature resistance.’

‘Flowchem comes with the reassurance of Flowcrete’s established position as a world-class manufacturer of flooring solutions, which have been transforming industrial environments in the UK for nearly 40 years,’ says the company.

It adds: ‘As well as exceptional products, as a CPG (UK) company, Flowcrete also offers customers and its approved contractor network access to enhanced resources, including training and technical support from industry experts.’

Michelle Mendes, market manager for Flowcrete added: ‘Corrosive materials can lead to structural failure and safety risks, and repairs for corrosion damage often result in an expensive outcome, both financially and in terms of downtime.

‘As a result, it’s vital industrial areas exposed to corrosive factors have the right level of protection, which meets the exact needs of specific environments. That means systems must be expertly manufactured, correctly specified and professionally installed. CPG (UK) can provide this expertise to offer complete peace of mind.’

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