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Ucrete CS expanded range of colours

AN ‘innovative colour-stable Ucrete flooring system is available from Master Builders Solutions’. Ucrete CS says it builds on 50 years of excellence in flooring with an expanded range of colours, including pastel shades, owing to what it describes as its enhanced aesthetics.

Says the company: ‘The introduction of Ucrete CS represents a leap forward for heavy-duty flooring, owing to the system’s advances in stain resistance and UV colour stability. Ucrete CS redefines long-term visual expectations in the food and beverage industries.’

Andrew Tasker, global business segment manager, performance flooring at Master Builders Solutions, explained: ‘Many Ucrete floors are still in service after several decades, lowering the cost of ownership. Our innovative Ucrete CS system represents a real step change for our customers’ aesthetic expectations, reducing chemical staining with no colour change from UV light! There is no compromise on the outstanding performance that Ucrete brings.’

The company continues: ‘In addition to these new features, the valuable performance characteristics that have made Ucrete flooring the market leader for aggressive processing areas are retained. Ucrete CS is the clear choice for high-performance, long-lasting, low-maintenance floors.

‘As with all Ucrete systems, the fast-curing Ucrete CS provides excellent resistance to chemicals including organic and inorganic acids, as well as the discharge of boiling water and cleaning at high temperatures. Ucrete sets the benchmark for industrial flooring for food and beverage – including dairies, breweries and soft drink production – as well as pharmaceuticals and chemicals.’

From the start, innovation has been the key driver in the development of Ucrete systems, says the company. It points out that significant investment in research and development has allowed it to reach many milestones during the past 50 years, such as:

  • 1982: The first antistatic hygienic terrazzo floor for the pharmaceutical industry;
  • 1993: The first flow-applied heavy-duty screed with thermal shock resistance for ergonomic application;
  • 2003: The first systems with specifiable slip-resistance profiles – the key safety requirement for the food and beverage industry;
  • 2011: The first non-tainting, rapid-curing systems to minimize downtime, even at cold temperatures;
  • 2018: Monolithic, thermal shock resistant antistatic flooring.

Continues the company: ‘Our new Ucrete CS system represents another important milestone in Ucrete’s history. With colour stability thanks to its UV-resistance, and enhanced stain resistance, Ucrete CS is attractive, highly durable, hygienic and safe.’

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