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A Glimmer of shimmer

Floor colours such as silver can be a huge factor in end-user requirements.
Karen Wilding explains.

A TOUCH of glimmering metal can instantly make a space more interesting, too much however and it could end up feeling like a room of mirrors. That’s why for large surfaces, such as floors, having a metallic shimmer can be perfect for adding that subtle sparkle.

The colour of coins, jewellery and decorative objects, metallic finishes such as gold, silver, copper, and bronze have always enjoyed a special place in the world of design. Enhancing other colours by bringing in a touch of shimmer and providing contrast against all tints and tones – from flesh shades, pastels, and soft neutrals to those more vivid and vibrant, as well as blacks and whites – metallic colours play an integral role in many industries.

Silver has traditionally been viewed as a distinguished colour – one associated with wealth, modernity, glamour, grace, and elegance. As a metal, silver also represents that which is innovative, refined, sleek and sophisticated. With its mirror-like quality, silver is without a doubt a timeless metallic colour whose versatility makes it easy to integrate into product design.

Silver affects the mind and body as a conductor and communicator and is believed to draw negative energy out of the body and replace it with positive energy.

In fact, companies like Pantone which provide a universal language of colour has recently released a range of core metallic shades and directional colours reflective of future trends, addressing the importance of metallic finish in fashion and product design.

In a world of sheen and shine, where colour, material and surface finish join for a more cohesive aesthetic experience, metallic finishes are becoming increasingly important.

A refreshing alternative to organic styling, Forbo Flooring Systems’ Tessera Nexus carpet tiles merge a metallic web overlay with a sophisticated striated background, creating a network of connections. Drawing together simple colours, elements and tones, the collection gives contractors the freedom to create connections across an interior – subtly linking spaces for quiet reflection or group collaboration in offices, for example.

The tile’s striking graphic design is picked out using the metallic Invista Antron Lumena carpet fibre from the ‘Reflect’ palette, which stresses the importance of light and how it interacts within spaces. This luxury sheen and modern, fluid texture delivers a softer, less corporate aesthetic, which blurs the boundaries of formal and informal design.

Accents of metallic within an interior space can be truly eye-catching and by starting with the floor, it has never been easier to add depth and visual interest. For more information about Tessera Nexus, please visit
Karen Wilding is senior marketing executive at Forbo Flooring Systems

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