Contemporary design ‘livens things up’

ISTANBUL-BASED design studio Escapefromsofa reportedly brought Onur Group’s office space in Ankara, Turkey to life with a contemporary design using a rich palette of textures and patterns.

Shaw Contract supplied its Rapid Select Graph carpet tiles for this project, in colour Shadow, via its aligned dealer in Turkey.

The project was selected by an independent global body of judges as one of the Final Award winners in the 2020 Shaw Contract Design Awards. The Shaw Contract Design Awards reportedly represents the highest calibre of work among the global design industry.

With nearly 500 entries from 29 countries around the world, the 2020 competition was fierce and produced an extraordinary group of winners.

The judges praised the whole look of the Onur Group office design, which won in the Medium Office category. The judges said: ‘An amazing job taking a neutral palette and focusing on design... they found a way to weave it together masterfully. You’re going to talk about this project.’

This 1,000sq m office space is located in the Maidan project in Ankara and the Escapefromsofa design team brought to life a contemporary office space aesthetic with an inviting atmosphere. Many different textures and patterns were used and the building itself offers a modular and flexible usage of space. Flooring played a crucial role as it helped determine the shift between areas in the office space with layers of simple geometry, and with the carpet tiles reportedly blending well with the variety of materials specified.
Rapid Select is part of Shaw Contract’s In Stock programme.
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