‘Resilient floor renovation solution’ revives worn resilient floors

WHEN the vinyl floor at Centennial Hills Hospital’s labour and delivery room needed a major renovation, the facilities team considered replacing the worn floor. Tearing out and installing a new floor for the 500sq ft space meant a significant labour investment not to mention an estimated three days’ downtime.

Yet the floor was damaged and daily wear-and-tear had left the floor slippery and unsafe for patients and staff. They soon found a better solution that could offer a transformative floor colour change and renovation result, but with a lower labour cost and shorter downtime.

The Bona Commercial System, a resilient floor renovation solution, was developed to bring worn resilient floors back to life, even changing the colour and design using any RAL colour for the base coat, Bona Coloured Chip options and the ability to apply graphics and logos during the job.
‘Rather than tear out an existing floor, an expensive and environmentally harsh process, our system fully revitalises the floor. With just a single base coat we can completely change the floor colour and then add sheen and durability with the final finish coat,’ said Jack Weavers, sales manager, new business at Bona.

‘We’ve offered this new system across Europe with tremendous success over the past four years. It transforms any resilient floor in less than half the time it would take to replace the floor, with minimal disturbance to the rest of a facility.’

When resilient flooring becomes dull, slippery or damaged, most facilities polish or replace the flooring. Polishing resilient flooring is a simple process yet it’s labour and time-intensive. Additionally, the area must be closed to foot traffic and often the surrounding area is not usable owing to the smell and compromised air quality inherent in the stripping and polishing process. The other option for facilities is a full replacement for the floors – an expensive and time-consuming endeavour. And, while many manufactures have implemented recycling programs, a significant amount of resilient flooring ends up in landfills.

Bona’s resilient floor renovation process begins with an initial wet abrading of the floor and then, if needed, stripping the surface to remove the old polish, like standard polish removal processes. The floor is thoroughly cleaned, then a single coat of base colour is applied. If required, the colour chips are sprinkled on while the base colour is still wet. The floor is completed with a topcoat to ensure durability and protection of the base colour and colour chips.

After the first system application of this new process, the facility can forgo any future stripping and polishing. While the system requires an initial investment, it’s greatly outweighed by the long-term benefit of minimised downtime (often cutting downtime by more than 50%), less labour costs for polish upkeep and extended life of the resilient surface.
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