Weakened concrete screed ‘quickly repaired’

FLOORING contractors Dino Tapjit, based in Almere, The Netherlands, are said to have avoided huge costs and lost time by using F Ball and Co’s Stopgap SRS surface reinforcement system to quickly repair a weakened concrete screed.

Said F Ball: ‘Contractors used the two-component, epoxy resin reinforcement solution to quickly stabilise and reinforce the subfloor of the property, prior to the installation of vinyl plank floorcoverings.
‘After mixing the two-components of the reinforcement system, contractors poured the mixture over the subfloor and spread it out over the 8sq m area with a rubber squeegee, working it into the surface until no more liquid was absorbed.’

F Ball continued: ‘The product penetrates the weak/friable surface, filling voids and cracks and binding loose particles to strengthen the screed. Owing to the rapid action of Stopgap SRS the weak screed was reinforced overnight allowing the subfloor preparation process to continue the next day.’

Stopgap SRS cures to create a non-absorbent finish, says F Ball. ‘Therefore, contractors used F Ball’s Stopgap P141 to prime the surface. The primer is designed to create a textured finish to enhance bond performance between levelling compounds and non-absorbent subfloors, including ceramic tiles, waterproof surface membranes and power-floated concrete. Stopgap P141 is also rapid-drying, allowing contractors to proceed to the next stage of the subfloor preparation process after 15 minutes.’

The company went on to say: ‘Contractors then applied Stopgap 300 HD heavy duty levelling compound to create a suitably smooth and hardwearing base for the receipt of the vinyl floorcoverings. As well as being suitable for use in areas subject to heavy loads and high foot traffic, the levelling compound is fast-drying and fast-setting, with a walk on hard time of just 90 minutes following application.

‘Finally, contractors used F Ball’s Styccobond F46 pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive to adhere the Moduleo PVC planks. The solvent-free adhesive is designed to deliver high bond strength as well as delivering good initial tack, meaning tiles or planks won’t move about once positioned. It also offers an extended open time, reducing the risk of late placement and making the adhesive ideal for where more complex designs or patterns are being created.’

Commenting on the project Dino Tapjit director Jan Jansen said: ‘Using Stopgap SRS was a great timesaving and cost-effective solution. It meant we could stabilise the screed without having to dig it up and replace it, which would’ve pushed deadlines back. Stopgap SRS’s fast-setting features allowed us to proceed immediately with the usual subfloor preparation process and finish the job on time.’
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