How you can transform your business simply by grabbing your reader’s attention.

IN my September article I said you should be sending more marketing emails because it’s one of the most cost-effective transformative methods of marketing available to you. So, it’s time to cover the process in a bit more detail.

Key to the success of marketing and advertising is knowing your audience and what they’re interested in. But, without a compelling sales message that stops readers in their tracks, your efforts will fail.
It’s the same for email marketing, but here, it’s the subject line and headline that must grab the reader’s attention. Particularly if you want your email to stand out from the many emails and spam mailings your customers receive every day.

Writing a successful email is like building a house. You start with the foundation, build the walls, lay the floor and put the roof on.
Using this analogy, the ‘materials’ for a good email are the introduction, the subject line, personalisation, your offering, and making it easy for your audience to take action.

Great subject lines are key to success
According to research, 35% of email recipients open messages based on the subject line alone. Therefore, if you’re not composing compelling copy for the subject line you’re selling your efforts short. Bearing in mind that the sole purpose of the subject line is to encourage a reader to open the email it’s a vital contributor to the return on investment of your marketing.
Here are a few suggestions for creating better subject lines:

Keep the subject line short and sweet
Pose a compelling question

  • Use active verbs to entice people to click.
  • Make an ‘exclusive offer’ or invite readers to do something to make them take interest
  • Make the offering in your email very clear
  • Can you personalise it? People are more interested in emails that are personalised

Why your introduction matters
As well as your subject line, it’s important to consider your introductory text. Once they have opened your email, the introduction is the first thing that a reader sees, so you should spend time making the introductory copy as compelling as possible. This will help ensure you make a good first impression with the reader.

If the email content is not interesting enough to encourage them to read on, they might well decide that your email isn’t worth reading. You certainly do not want them to click away before they get to the good stuff.

What’s more, as the first few lines of an email can appear in your browser as a ‘preview’, if your open is not compelling enough to grab interest, recipients may decide not to open the email at all. This lack of interest will then impact negatively on your open rate and consequently, the overall success of the campaign.

Personalisation pays
Email provider Campaign Monitor reports that personalised subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened. Also, they claim that personalised email content increases click-through rates by 14%.
An easy way to personalise your email is to include the recipient’s name in the subject line or within the opening text. A dedicated system like MailChimp and similar email marketing platforms allow you to add a personal element to bulk emails.

Make it relevant
It’s important you make your copy relevant to the reader and make it clear to them, from the opening line, why they should take the time to read your email.

StreetwiseSubbie sends thousands of emails each year. When we have asked recipients if they are getting too many, not one has said that this is the case. In fact, what they have said is this; even if they don’t read every single email, they know who has sent it to them and importantly, they know to come to when they need help and advice.

Make an offer
As a flooring contractor, can you offer a special promotion to your email readers?

Or have you introduced a new service, process or product on your website that you can link them with? Have you changed your terms and conditions, or are there other changes in your business you need to promote to your customers?

Whatever the message you wish to convey, please get to the point within the first few sentences. Build a picture of how what you are offering can help them to do things better, or more cost-effectively. Push home the big benefit.

Make them take action
Be clear what you’re offering, state the benefits and make it easy for readers to take action. If you want them to visit a website page, then include a ‘Click for more information’ button. Alternatively, if you want them to download a document, or email you for more information, make the links stand out.

And finally…
If you’re looking for reassurance that email marketing can work for you, we can show you how we have done it for other specialist contractors, trade contractors and subcontractors just like you!

And our success is backed by research which says that in the construction, contracting and manufacturing industries emails 18.10% of marketing emails are opened.

So, if you want to transform your business, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team on 01773 712116 or email and following my own advice about making an offer, you can have a chat with one of our marketing experts absolutely free.
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