‘Amorim products tested and certified’

OWING to its unique honeycomb cell structure, cork is said to provide what’s described as an exceptionally natural thermal and acoustic insulation. Tests comparing the walking sound of Amorim Cork Floors against laminate floors reportedly confirm that Amorim Cork Floors reduce the walking sound by up to 53%. ‘They’re also pleasant underfoot, even when barefoot, as they maintain an optimal floor temperature all year round,’ says the company.

Perhaps one of the most important features of an Amorim Cork Floor is related to how it impacts our health when indoors. Most people spend more than 90% of their time indoors, at home or at work, and there’s an increasing awareness of the importance of creating healthier indoor spaces.

Says the company: ‘Amorim Cork Floors are hypoallergenic, and significantly improve indoor air quality. This has been tested and independently certified for all Amorim Cork Floors against most global Indoor Air Quality standards. TÜV-PROFiCERT, is one of the main certificates for VOC-emission and air quality and Amorim Cork Floors have a TÜV certificate, along with this, all Amorim Cork Floors achieve an A+ rating – the highest available – when tested against the French standard for VOC emissions. Amorim Cork Floors have GREENGUARD certification from UL Environment in the US, specifically identifying them as particularly suited in schools and healthcare facilities.’

Amorim Cork Floors don’t just improve indoor air quality, says the company - they make a significant contribution to reducing carbon levels in our wider environment. An Amorim Cork Floor can reportedly retain up to 3,06kg of CO2 per sq m, owing to the sustainably harvested nature of cork.

The company concludes: ‘When used in commercial areas, such as restaurants, Amorim Cork Floors have a positive impact on walking comfort and they reduce fatigue in those standing for long periods. Amorim Cork Floors create that perfect balance between hard and soft floors, they reduce heel impacts and the effect this has on other related joints, yet they are firm enough to make walking effortless.’
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