‘An underlay range for every pocket’

WITH carpet, wood, laminate and LVT covered, the floorwise  underlay collection is said by the company to be packed with great value products that are loved by installers across the country.

Catalogued in ‘underlay the ultimate guide’, available from your floorwise distributor or for download from the website, www.floorwise.co.uk, the collection reportedly presents an option for all applications and price points.

It says: ‘Whether you need an underlay for use with underfloor heating, to quieten the sounds of footsteps beneath a laminate floor, or simply to bring comfort and support beneath carpet; floorwise has the answer.

‘As one of the UK’s leading underlay suppliers, floorwise works to bring unique specifications to the market developing products that uphold its belief that quality and value go hand-in-hand. Nowhere is this better shown than in an impressive selection of PU underlays, ranging from the base density of MD+ initio right up to the UHD+ of contract-ready lift. Each underlay delivers unbeatable long-term recovery and comfort at its price point.’

‘We’re one of the UK’s biggest underlay brands and have the depth of product to answer the needs of residential and commercial installers,’ says Richard Bailey, managing director, floorwise.

‘From our recycled PU foam qualities to the Acoustica underlay series for reducing sound, Duet combination rubber crumb and felt and our specialist LVT underlay, we’re not constrained by the limits of our manufacturing expertise, we simply specify the best quality product for the task.’

The company believes it’s this flexible approach that’s helped floorwise develop a broad selection of underlays designed to provide a quality solution for any budget.
Readily available from its network of trade counters across the UK and Ireland, underlays from floorwise are hard to beat.
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