Enhanced self-levelling screed systems

FLOWCRETE UK has reformulated a number of its screed systems aiming to provide enhanced benefits for both applicators and clients.

The resin flooring manufacturer is relaunching several of its polymer cement, self-levelling screed systems after undertaking a process of analysis and testing, to create products Flowcrete says are not only easier for applicators to install but which will create superior screed systems.

The revitalised products are: Flowscreed Industrial Top, Isocrete SL Base (formerly Isocrete Self Level Base), Isocrete SL Plus (formerly Isocrete Self Level Plus), Isocrete SL Renovation (formerly Isocrete Self Level Renovation), Isocrete 1500 , Isocrete 4000 , Isocrete 5000.

Flowcrete claims the new formulations utilise robust technology to offer application properties including good flow characteristics, improved dimensional stability and being less sensitive to elevated application temperatures, which eliminates the tendency to separate.

Both applicators and end users will reportedly benefit from the fact that the new systems are said to be able to quickly deliver a high strength screed that will dry very quickly even at maximum thicknesses.

The application and curing time of the screeds are said to allow for floor coverings and coatings to be laid on the same day, significantly speeding up the overall programme of a flooring project.

Flowcrete UK’s md, Kevin Potter, said: “Reformulating our collection of self-levelling screeds has brought them right up to date with the complex demands of the modern construction industry, being able to achieve high quality results within a short turn-around is extremely important.

‘Whether it’s a high-rise office complex, large-scale industrial plant, stadium, warehouse or residential complex, our wide range of screeds means that we have the perfect solution for any scenario.’
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