Invictus is ‘ultimate reference’

SINCE its launch in 2015, Invictus says it’s been the ultimate reference in the UK market for comfortable broadloom carpet.

‘With its dense pile, Invictus carpet will make you prefer the carpet to the sofa. Associated Weavers, the makers of Invictus carpet, now present Invictus luxury vinyl flooring. With the same attention to quality, the same eye for exclusive designs, and a unique performance level, Invictus luxury vinyl flooring is the perfect match to Invictus carpet.’

The company continues: ‘Associated Weavers stands out from the crowd as to UK-presence, branding and in-store solutions. The Invictus luxury vinyl flooring concept and display are no exception to that rule.

‘The attractive branding and visuals will be the highlight of any shop, immediately attracting the customer’s attention. Associated Weavers has reinvented the instore display and brings a tool with an intuitive digital module that is sure to offer a great customer experience and guide customers through an efficient and fun-to-do purchase process.

‘The symbiosis between traditional samples and digital journey is unseen in the flooring business. When it comes to delivering a great performance, nothing beats Invictus luxury vinyl flooring. The name is no coincidence: in Latin, ‘Invictus’ means ‘invincible’.’

The company adds: ‘Invictus luxury vinyl flooring is sure to meet all your expectations. Invictus luxury vinyl flooring brings a well-balanced collection of 84 SKUs: wood, stone and parquet designs in Dryback and Rigid Click.

‘Whatever your decorating style, there’s an Invictus luxury vinyl floor for every home, from contemporary to country, from traditional townhouse to urban loft. Choose your preferred style and let it guide you towards the floor that is just right for you. For even more inspiration, use the Room Visualiser on www.invictus.’
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