New work gloves handy for floorlayers

SAYS Snickers: ‘There’s one thing professional tradesmen and women can’t do without if they want to get their jobs done properly – healthy hands! So take good care of your most important tools and choose a pair of gloves that’s right for your work to ensure the ultimate in dexterity, durability, comfort and protection.’

Continues the company: ‘With advanced designs, features and material combinations, there’s something to suit most trades, from bricklayers and roofers, electricians and plumbers, painters and mechanics, facilities and transportation.

‘Added to which the unique ‘curved’ designs ensure strong, secure grips while sophisticated patterns, vents and ribs combined with durable materials that provide cut protection, knuckle protection, ventilation, water and wind protection, even features so you can use your mobile phone.

‘What’s more, for specialist use where health and safety standards are key requirements, all our work gloves are EN certified for performance and protection.’
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