ProKnee kneepad ‘is in a class all of its own’

THE ProKnee Model 0714/0714E kneepad is said by the company to be in a class all of its own with what the company describes as unmatched protection and customisation options to suit your own personal measurements and comfort level.

Says the company: ‘With two cushion thicknesses, two knee-seat widths and 18 lengths, this custom fit creates even weight distribution through its patented shin support system that takes weight off the joints and spreads it out over the length of the shins, reducing direct pressure on the knees and forcing the user to use proper kneeling techniques that can preserve knee health and aid current knee conditions.’

In most recent developments for 2020, ProKnee introduces the new patent pending SmartLock Plus Quick Release Buckle, which it describes as the latest innovation in technology for their current line of kneepads.

This ‘Swiss Army knife of buckles’ is an ergonomic, larger format buckle that is said to be easy on the fingers and ‘automatically locks in your perfect strap length with just a pull to give you a comfortable fit you can work in all day long’.

ProKnee says it also works on all kneepad models past and present, so installers that currently reap the benefits of ProKnee kneepads can reportedly get in on the newest buckle advancement without the price tag by simply just purchasing a replacement strap that comes with the new buckle. Additionally, Model 0714/0714E as well as AP16 kneepads, now get ‘Tucked-in Liners’ that offer a snug, stay-in-place fit, says the company.

It concludes: ‘Since 1989, ProKnee has been servicing the needs of flooring installation and other construction professionals by offering a complete line of custom made custom fit kneepads. Proudly manufactured in the US with more than seven patents granted referencing kneepads, two referencing construction tools specialising in floorcovering installation (the Treadman Multi Angle Stair Tread Cutting System and the GoofProof Wall Trimmer) and four more pending, ProKnee’s dedication to innovation is exemplified by their constant improvement of form, fit and function.