The new generation of cork flooring

WHEN cork flooring first entered the flooring market, back in the ‘70s, there wasn’t much to be said about it. Sure, it was comfortable and long-lasting (as it still is today), but the only options in terms of visuals were cork granuled-like visuals in a small tile format.

But cork has come a long way since its first installation in our grandmother’s attic and today is one of the most beloved materials by architects and designers who seek for performance, comfort, innovation, and endless design possibilities.

In fact, gone are the days when cork was perceived as a dull, unattractive material. Current technologies allow for the creation of different visuals other than cork, such as wood or stone, and different formats and installation types.

Today we can find cork-based floors in all kinds of projects around the world – from hotels to residential spaces, offices, shops, museums, libraries, educational and health-care facilities. Cork’s endless design possibilities and its unmatched comfort make it the perfect solution for any project, anywhere in the world.

Sustainability first
Amorim Wise is one of Amorim Cork Flooring brands, reportedly placing nature as the starting point for a better future. The brand promise is to produce Climate Positive flooring solutions, removing more carbon from the atmosphere than the one emitted during the production process.

Says the company: ‘Amorim Wise embraces sustainability without losing sight of the need to deliver a high-end product that combines high quality with avant-garde and unique designs. Our products use cork as its main raw material – a natural, renewable and sustainably harvested raw material that is obtained without ever cutting or damaging the cork oak tree.’

The company continues: ‘Amorim Wise Wood Inspire 700 is the new cork flooring generation – a collection of selected wood visuals with the unmatched comfort of cork. From lighter to darker, or classic oak tones, this collection combines the trendiest visuals with the incredible benefits of cork.

A sustainable, non-PVC floating solution, entirely made of cork and recycled materials with negative carbon balance.’

The benefits of a cork-based flooring
The company adds: ‘Amorim Wise Inspire 700 multilayer cork structure, with a revolutionary cork rigid core, provides a superior walking comfort assuring a perfect temperature all year round and a silent environment. As it’s also a hypoallergenic material, cork is suitable for people who suffer from asthma. Additionally it also provides a better indoor air quality; Amorim Wise floors are tested and independently certified against most global Indoor Air Quality standards.’

These benefits reportedly provide a sense of wellbeing in any space; either it’s at home, with a silent, thermally insulated, and healthy environment, or at the office, reducing muscular discomfort caused by standing or walking for long periods of time.

Amorim says Amorim Wise wood Inspire 700 can be installed in any indoor space, with minimum subfloor preparation. ‘This waterproof and easy to clean solution can transform your home or office in the most comfortable and sustainable space,’ says the company. ‘The universal installation system paired with reinforced dimension stability allows for an installation in large areas, without the need of expansion joints.’

Amorim Wise wood Inspire 700 can be found in selected retailers, check the company’s Dealer Locator to find the nearest shop: