Two new developments from STAUF

ADHESIVES specialist STAUF says it’s demonstrated its traditional strength in research and development once again at the Domotex trade fair.

The family-run company from Wilnsdorf, Germany, was able to present two new developments. The stand was divided into two – also visually – with one side dedicated to STAUF WEP 180, a multifunctional epoxy-resin primer that offers special added value.

The other side of the stand presented STAUF’s new AKZENT line, which is reportedly a complete range of products for wood flooring and surfaces and is made using environmentally friendly raw materials.

Says the company: ‘STAUF WEP 180 is a multipurpose, solvent-free, dispersion-based, two-component epoxy resin primer that reinforces unstable substrates and significantly improves the strength of materials thanks to its extremely high level of penetration into mineral mortar systems.

‘The primer has a short drying time and forms a film on the surface, which means crumbling screeds can be ‘rescued’ quickly and easily. STAUF WEP 180 can also be used as a dispersion-based, two-component epoxy resin primer on cement screeds with a higher residual moisture content of up to 4 CM%.

‘Furthermore, it’s suitable for direct bonding with almost all reactive adhesives and, after being sprinkled with silica sand or having an intermediate primer coat of STAUF VDP 160 applied, it can be filled or plastered over.’

These properties make the very low-emission, solvent-free STAUF WEP 180 primer, with its GEV Emicode EC1 plus status, a cost-efficient all-rounder and a solver of countless problems on the building site.

With the introduction of the AKZENT product line, STAUF has revitalised its range of surface treatments. By making modifications, STAUF was able to achieve significantly better product properties for practically all the surface treatment products and to ensure simpler handling at the same time. For users and customers, this means a perceptible added value in comparison to previous products.

The name of the newly developed surface treatment range was chosen with care, to reflect the ‘accentuation’ of high-quality cleaning, care and treatment of wood flooring and surfaces. Naturalness, variety and longevity characterise every single product in the AKZENT range – whether varnishes or oils, cleaning or care products, first-time or refit treatments.

‘In the selection and development of our AKZENT products, we deliberately used environmentally friendly raw materials and water-based mixes wherever possible’, explains Artur Podkowa, head of Application Engineering. ‘This has resulted in outstanding product properties that ensure the greatest possible protection and resistance and also guarantee a particularly healthy living environment.’