Anglo Recycling - Sustainability

IT’S not that long ago when you went to the tip you always saw the bins full of dusty carpet, but you don’t today, says Anglo Recycling. The UK carpet industry has done amazing things – and it is a story worth telling.

Increasing amounts of carpet waste has been used as an energy source and still more goes into the equestrian industry as a surface material in event arenas - but a carpet recycling process developed by Anglo Recycling in the Rossendale Valley in Lancashire is said to be doing more. Anglo reportedly recycle well over 1000 tonnes a year of virgin carpet offcuts mainly from the carpet mills in Lancashire and Kidderminster.

Historically, Anglo didn’t have a recycling line of its own, preferring to use local experts, and then making a range of underlays and other products by buying in bales of fibre. However, it started to work with a local carpet manufacturer, Penthouse Carpets, and was set the challenge of helping Penthouse move to zero landfill. The team had tried to recycle waste but they didn’t know how to separate out the chalk used by carpet makers to give body to the carpet. Anglo had picked up an old recycling line that had been used for recycling clothing and put it in a spare room it had at its factory. Simon Macaulay, chairman takes up the story:

‘It was the middle of the recession – times were tough and we had changed our name from Anglo Felt to Anglo Recycling - we thought we needed to give recycling a go and find a new revenue stream!  We invested in a recycling line and our team of engineers and electricians rebuilt and modified the line to do what we needed! Then Zoe, head buyer from John Lewis, came on site and liked what we were doing - and we have been very busy ever since!’

Anglo recognised that one of the main raw materials for carpet underlay is PU foam – an oil based raw material and set out to try and develop a more environmentally sustainable version of this underlay. Anglo’s requirements for the underlay were that it was made from carpet offcuts from the UK, with no dust, it was light to carry and easy for fitters to cut, have great acoustic performance, and meet BS 5808 and BS4790 technical standards

Anglo says achieved its goal with its great new range of Evolution underlays, described as an environmentally high performance and cost effective alternative.

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