Black & white - VitrA

TWO ranges from VitrA Tiles - Miniworx and the new Retromix, are said by the company to highlight the bold use of black-and-white in tile collections for flooring.

‘Retromix is the latest exciting range from VitrA Tiles,’ says the company. ‘It features geometric patterns to create timeless designs, managing to be traditional and modern. A highly effective creative application is the combination of black and white geometrics on the floor with the warmer, earthy or ethnic tones of the Retromix wall tiles. The geometric style, when used on the floor, can add space and dimension to any tiled area.’

Along with other colour themes, Retromix is said to include a B&W range. ‘Tiles from this range can be Plains, which are solid black or white, or Patterns in Triangle, Circle, Cube and Star design. These patterns are all available in either large, medium or small sizes.

‘Featuring bold and brash geometric shapes and patterns, Retromix offers colour and pattern combinations that are in harmony with other ranges from VitrA Tiles.’

Meanwhile, the basic colours in the Miniworx collection are white, black, cream and grey. ‘Used together these expand spaces with minimalist and clean brightness, while featuring modern and striking good looks,’ says the company.

‘The colours are designed to be used on their own or in combination. The aim of the range is to bring a new perspective to familiar ceramic tile sizes, by offering a unique modular system. The range features 12 different sizes, which include floor tiles.’

The company continues: ‘The basic shapes are square, rectangular and hexagon, as well as cove bases and corner pieces. The modular system means the different tile shapes are compatible, allowing large numbers of variations through different options, tiling alternatives, complementary parts and creative applications.

‘Miniworx enables countless different tiling options, making the range suitable for an enormous variety of different applications, from small domestic bathrooms and kitchens through to public spaces, such as cafes and hotels. The aesthetic appeal of the range is well to the fore, providing excellent design opportunities for architects to create individuality in their projects.

‘A key attraction of Miniworx is that it comes in various different surface textures, which, combined with the bold use of colour, create many new opportunities for tiling applications. The surfaces available include Flat, Bumpy, Metro, Matt and Glossy.’

‘VitrA Tiles has a massive commitment to colour and the opening up of aesthetic possibilities for designers,’ says Ken Aston, UK & Ireland sales manager. ‘Our Miniworx and Retromix ranges amply demonstrate this commitment with their geometric patterns and the bold uncompromising use of primary black and white colours, complementing our softer earthy tones.’