Contract carpets - Invista Antron

DEFINING wear-resistance, stain-resistance and appearance retention, the choice of fibre is an important part of the selection process in choosing carpet.

In the latest edition of ‘Fibre Matters’, Invista Antron carpet fibre reveals how its fibres reportedly deliver to commercial interiors a carpet that stays looking new for as long as possible.

Says the company: ‘Made from polyamide 6.6, Antron fibres have a tighter and stronger polymer structure than regular polyamide 6 fibres, making them very hardwearing and providing excellent appearance retention.

‘The more ordered structure also makes it harder for dirt to stick and stains to permeate, as well as improving resistance to crushing and matting.

‘With the introduction of Antron Lumena DNA, Fibre Matters now also examines how this new generation of carpet fibre not only provides stain and fade-resistance, but also in-built dirt protection. Combatting one of the weak spots of carpet; susceptibility to dirt, the technology is a permanent part of the fibre.’

Added during the extrusion process, the protection reportedly keeps working right until the end of life of the carpet, even under heavy and intensive cleaning. Available in about 200 colour options, Antron Lumena DNA fibre comes in a range of neutral and vivid colours to create inspiring carpet designs.

‘We’ve been making polyamide type 6.6 carpet fibre for more than 40 years and Antron Lumena DNA represents the current pinnacle of our efforts to deliver the best in performance,’ explains Heike Schmidt, Antron carpet fibre.

‘Hardwearing, soil-hiding, resilient, stain-resistant, lightfast and now with dirt protection; Antron Lumena DNA can provide commercial interiors with a carpet that will continue to stay looking good until the end of its life, even under intense use and cleaning.’

The company says: ‘When it comes to carpet and how it looks, how it works, how it defines a space, reflects a culture and fits a design, then fibre matters. In the latest edition of Fibre Matters, you can find out how by choosing styles with Antron in their DNA, you’re entering a world of carpets that are not only beautiful, but durable and easy to care for too.’

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