Contract carpets - Tarkett Desso

TARKETT’s new DESSO Orchard collection with its ‘understated, irregular dotted pattern is reminiscent of the visual effect that’s created when viewing a cluster of planted trees from above’.

Says the company: ‘A subtle two-tone appearance inspired by organic, seasonal shades, gives the collection a simple yet sophisticated feel for contemporary workplace interiors.

‘Developed specifically to be used seamlessly on a large scale with no visible joins, Orchard allows for zoning with its rich woven appearance providing textural interest.

‘The colour palette includes eight neutral tones alongside two warming accents of green and copper, and injections of pink and stormy blue combine to provide designers with endless creative possibilities.’

Becky Pole, designer at Tarkett, comments: ‘Designed to reflect the current workplace trend for creating residentially-inspired offices that are warm and comfortable, Orchard is sophisticated yet grounded in nature.
‘An inviting palette of 12 seasonal shades paired with a deep, woven quality, evokes comforting relaxation.

Its earthiness is off-set against a contemporary irregular grid pattern made up of subtle dotting, which is reminiscent of clustered trees viewed aerially.’