Finishes - Bona

THE Bona Oil System has been repackaged in what’s described as a smart new livery that complements the company’s existing range of waterborne primers and lacquers. At the same time, six new base colours have been introduced to the range of two component oils – providing a total palette of 17 base colours that can be blended or mixed with tone treatments and pigment pastes to achieve what Bona describes as an almost unlimited range of shades.

‘Custom colours can also be mixed on request,’ says Bona. ‘The extensive range of premium products also includes one component penetrating oils, hard wax oils and cleaning and maintenance treatments.

‘The star of the range is undoubtedly Bona Craft Oil 2K, one of the cleanest and safest oils available, and which has a very low VOC content of below 4%. Other key benefits for contractors include its long open time, which means you can apply oil to a sizable area before you start buffing, even in higher temperatures.

‘The special 2-component pack design makes it easy to mix the two components together and its low application rate means that you can achieve low application costs per square metre.’

The company continues: ‘Bona Craft Oil 2K offers superior surface protection when used on its own but, in areas of very high traffic, such as airports and shopping centres, the surface can be overcoated with any version of Bona Traffic lacquer – to provide ultimate surface protection - but still maintaining the rich natural look of an oiled floor.

‘With such a comprehensive range, now strengthened with the new base colours, we can provide contractors and their customers with everything they need to create the perfect oiled surface. Our FlexiSand 1.9 machine is also the ideal tool for coarse and fine sanding (with Diamond Abrasives) to achieve the perfect scratch-free surface ready for oiling; for brushing the surface to enhance the grain and as the most effective method of applying the oil.’