Flooring in shopping centres & retail locations - Tilemaster Adhesives

IN retail floor installations, speed is a key consideration across all aspects of specification. Timescales need to be as short as possible, to minimise downtime, disruption to customers and lost revenue. In response, Tilemaster Adhesives says it offers a range of floor preparation products that enables overnight installation and tackles retail fit-out issues.

‘For ultra-rapid walk on times, in as little as 30 minutes, options include Tilemaster Super Flow 30 and Tilemaster Rapid Level 30,’ says the company. ‘Both smoothing and levelling compounds allow key areas, like entrances, access points and walkways, to be put back into service between downtime and installation.

‘Ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles can be laid on both products after just 45-60 minutes and impervious floorcoverings, such as decorative vinyl, after 90 minutes.’

Tilemaster continues: ‘Super Flow 30 is a two-part smoothing compound, so water isn’t required. This can be particularly advantageous if water access points are limited or not available. Other benefits include moisture tolerance, and excellent flow and adhesion properties; the leveller creates a mirror like blemish-free surface, without the need to spike roll or feather.

‘Tilemaster Rapid Level 30 provides a water-based option, formulated using advanced binder technology and selected additives; it provides a range of benefits, including excellent self-levelling properties and fast application.

‘Alongside Tilemaster Adhesives’ range of ultra-rapid, rapid and fast setting levelling compounds, the range also includes adhesives, grout, silicones and ancillary items. Products are made in the UK and are offered alongside expert advice from the in-house technical team.’
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