Flooring in shopping centres & retail locations - VitrA

VITRA Tiles says it offers several different options for retail flooring. These start with ProColor – a range of ‘contemporary and attractive’ colour options for today’s designers and specifiers.

The ProColor range is said to be suited to the architectural specification market because it contains 38 RAL colours of fully-vitrified tiles, providing modularity and consistency for designers. The RAL system is used in architecture, construction and industry, so its use in this range reportedly allows for standardisation of colour, including coordination and contrast where required.

‘Importantly RAL colours in tiling allow architects to coordinate colours throughout retail developments and to build innovative and creative use of colour into their designs right through to implementation,’ says the company.

‘ProColor includes all the most commonly used colours from white through different shades of green, red, greige, blue, lilac, brown and black. Tiles are available in a choice of modular sizes up to 30x60 and are in a non-slip format.’

The company says it also has a wide range of large format porcelain floor tiles suitable for commercial applications. ‘These are suitable for high traffic areas, offering strong aesthetic appeal, with a wide range of colours, textures and sizes. They also offer good abrasion resistance, durability and hygiene.

‘The aesthetic possibilities with tiles are enormous, with all the different designs and colour options that VitrA Tiles has to offer. Both modern and traditional designs are available, including the latest trends, such as the in-vogue timber look. Large format porcelain tiles have been used in some of the most prestigious tiling installations for many years, because of their aesthetic appeal and their many other benefits.’

For terrace areas, outdoor cafes and other exterior areas around shopping malls, VitrA Tiles can reportedly offer the additional durability and functional benefit of matching tiles in 20mm thickness. These fully coordinate with tiling used in the internal shopping spaces.

‘Our full range is available for immediate delivery from stock via VitrA Tiles’ distribution network,’ says Ken Aston, UK & Ireland sales manager at VitrA Tiles. ‘We’re keen to work with the retail design sector and can offer an aesthetic and functional tiling solution for all areas of shopping malls and other retail environments.’