Harvey Maria - Sustainability

FEATURING what the manufacturer describes as an ultra-authentic wood effect, Harvey Maria’s new Master Craftsman Series is said to offer an alternative sustainable flooring option, recognised for its low lifetime environmental impact. The MSeries includes four oak and wood plank collections, with a reportedly realistic fine wood grain and premium ‘registered emboss’ top surface. The series is available exclusively from a UK network of Master Craftsman local retailers and is suitable for domestic and commercial specification.

Whilst Harvey Maria’s low-carbon production is ISO14001 certified, with material said to be recycled back into its designs, the real eco-advantage is seen throughout the LVT’s lifecycle, Harvey Maria says. ‘Along with the highest possible BREEAM ratings of A and A+ for the appropriate class of building, the MSeries range complies with the M1 standard for buildings designed to BREEAM NOR standard and exceeds the requirements of both the DIBt French A+ air quality standard and the Eurofins ‘Indoor Air Quality Gold Standard’.  It also has REACH and FloorScore® IAQ (indoor air quality) certification and all designs are eligible to score points when specified in buildings designed to LEED protocols’, the company continues.

As well as providing a reportedly safe and healthy floor finish, MSeries is designed to last, with a 25-year warranty. Harvey Maria says no harmful chemicals are required throughout the floor’s life, for cleaning, treating or restoring the surface; the floor is simply cleaned with a neutral detergent. At the end of their lifecycles, Harvey Maria says its floors can be recycled.

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