Junckers - Office

STEPHEN Marshall Architects specified 600sq m of Junckers 185mm wide board Oak Boulevard for an office interior in London's Knightsbridge. The design brief involved knitting together three very individual, cellular and historic buildings, all with their own levels and nuances, to form what Junckers describes as a ‘modern, coherent and flexible office space’.

In order to achieve this, Stephen Marshall Architects selected Nordic Oak Boulevard flooring, reportedly to act as a unifying element that followed the many steps, bumps and bays of the three buildings. The white-tinged Nordic Oak’s pale wash was said to complement the various brick wall elements that were exposed as part of the build and also contrast ‘beautifully’ with the dark walls and steel work of the stairs and core. Junckers says the timber floor acts as an important part of the buildings palette that reacts and changes subtly according to the external sunlight conditions, helping to create a warm, welcoming and open space.