Milliken - office

IN 2017, telecommunications giant TalkTalk moved into its new northern headquarters in Salford Quays, bringing together almost 1,500 staff from two separate offices into a new building.

Workspace design and fit out agency Claremont were responsible for the interior design and used Milliken’s Laylines carpet tiles along with Laylines Transitions.  The Laylines collection is said to offer interest and fluidity, while a vast array of ‘contrasting and complementary hues provides a plethora of options’, Milliken continues. 

This collection was reportedly used to great effect; the colour palette enabled different workspaces to be identified by different colours. The transition tiles were said to make possible the use of flow and movement of colour across the floor plane without harsh lines and colour breaks.

A key feature of the new office is the variety of spaces tailored to different ways of working. There are 80 neighbourhoods, 40 meeting spaces, 30 private work pods and booths and various multi-use project spaces. Milliken’s Laylines collection is reportedly used to assist way finding and creates directional paths throughout the office.

Milliken says its carpet tiles contribute to the well-being of those who use this building. Although there are open plan office spaces, Milliken’s cushion backing is said to enable improved acoustics which in turn can reduce stress levels in the workplace.

Milliken says its Millitron digital printing technology means the built environment can be imbued with natural elements through colour, texture and images. The use of colour and texture is also said to help create a sense of place, community and identity.