Pedross - Sustainability

WITH what the company describes as state-of-the-art machines and the direct digital print, Karl Pedross AG says it focuses even more strongly on sustainable products and vision for the future.

‘Digital is the new green’ describes Pedross’s approach to leading its own sustainability philosophy into the digital age. The South Tyrolean company says it is making large-scale investments in the field of ‘Industry 4.0 and modern machine factory’. At the same time, the innovative direct digital print reportedly offers a genuine, eco-friendly alternative for green-minded customers.

With the direct digital print on skirting boards and profiles, Pedross expands its portfolio with what it calls a new and rigorously tested technology. Through the usage of UV-curing direct printing ink, a limitless range of motifs on various substrate base materials with a brilliant look and unique feel are now possible - completely without the digital printed foil, Pedross says. This means, the company says, extraordinary designs and individual motifs can now be printed directly onto base materials such as spruce, MDF or PVC. Simultaneously, true to the motto: ‘Saving the forest with every print’, exclusive and protected woods are said to be able to be reproduced in an absolutely realistic and lifelike way. Thus, the Indian apple tree, Zebrano and others remain in the forest and the natural resources are preserved without the customer having to accept a loss of quality, Pedross says.

The environment plays a major role in other areas for Pedross, as well. From May to September, the Pedross biomass plant in Laces, Italy reportedly supplies hot water to more than 5,000 inhabitants in the surrounding area. Moreover, the company says it reduces thousands of tons from the CO2 footprint of harmful greenhouse gases through large-scale photovoltaic systems and the local sourcing of sawn timber from regional and sustainably managed forests.

At the same time, Pedross says it’s planning substantial modernisation measures totalling 14m Euros at the location of Laces as part of the project: Departure 2020. In addition to the acquisition of a new digital printer and the direct printing plant, the company recently installed new machinery with high-speed crosscut saws, a high-speed finger-jointing machine and milling machines that as well as moulding the profiles also transport it to the next stage as well as stacking the profiles. The interconnected and automated production systems not only allow comprehensive monitoring of energy consumption, but also a reduction in the usage of raw materials and ensure a demand-oriented and energy-efficient production, Pedross says. Further investments in the areas of wrapping, surface treatment and packaging will reportedly follow until 2020.

‘Today, sustainability is already a standard demanded by the market. Wood cannot be considered a waste product, but must be seen as a high-quality, recyclable resource,’ explains managing director Martin Pedross, ‘One of the major challenges will therefore be to link this natural product effectively with digital strategies and technologies in the future. With the new plants and product innovations, we have taken an important step in the right direction’.