Rawson Carpet Solutions - Matting

UK manufacturer, Rawson Carpet Solutions says it has been producing carpets for over half a century. This includes a broad collection of entrance mat solutions. Every commercial building requires an entrance floor system, to provide a cleaning and drying surface to foot traffic, before walking on the chosen interior floor. With years of experience, Rawson says its range of products fulfil the primary and secondary barrier matting requirements for any public facility.

Products such as Dominator, Trackmaster and Hercules are all said to be proven go-to solutions for primary barrier entrance systems. There are many products in the range which can fulfil the requirements of a secondary barrier solution, such as Spikemaster, Titan or the new, designer-friendly Reed. Heavy-duty primary entrance flooring solutions with multiple heights and a specific shoe cleaning purpose are now complemented with a new offering called Arrival. The product offers a modern clean pattern, and distinct height difference for its designated purpose, Rawson says. It is highly engineered and offers exceptional durability.

Laid in tiles tessellated, the diagonal patterning is said to allow for cleaning of shoes whatever the direction. As a well-resourced heritage manufacturer, Rawson says it is able to offer intricate inlay work, and is able to provide signature colours and also offer entrance matting as a rubber edged loose lay mat.

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