Safe ‘n’ sound on the ground

THE resin flooring manufacturer Flowcrete UK has achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification for the quality of its products, services and management.  

 ISO 9001:2015 is the latest BSI standard for evaluating an organisation’s quality management system. Attaining this certification proves the Sandbach, Cheshire-based flooring specialists are constantly operating to the highest possible standard and adhering to industry best practice throughout various business-critical activities.  

Product control and assurance as well as customer satisfaction are central services this standard evaluates to ensure they’re in line with all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

Flowcrete UK’s managing director, Kevin Potter, said: ‘Flowcrete UK works hard to be at the forefront of manufacturing excellence and this certification is a great testament to the hours, expertise and commitment that goes into our products and services.

‘Being ISO 9001:2015 certified means our clients can rest assured they’re being provided with products of the highest possible quality – but also their customer experience will be second-to-none!’

Achieving this accreditation required Flowcrete UK to take an in-depth look at what it does and how it does it. Many Flowcrete UK’s operations already fell within the standard required but needed to be codified and integrated into the company’s daily operational framework.

The Process Map, developed as part of the ISO 9001:2015 procedures, illustrates just how many aspects of the business need to be consistently considered and regulated to ensure Flowcrete UK maintains a quality management system that’s up to the task at hand.

Going through this process did identify several ways Flowcrete UK could further improve its standard operating procedures, which included enhancements to its design and development processes as well as the implementation of a customer satisfaction survey that carefully assesses each point of a client’s journey.

Flowcrete UK had to prove it has an enhanced approval process for its activities and also that it has a robust, top-down policy for analysing and improving the business. It was important Flowcrete UK’s senior management team was able to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the procedures and the team’s role in setting out the direction for the company to follow.

Flowcrete UK manufactures a range of seamless industrial and commercial resin floor, wall-and-coving solutions as well as other specialist coating technologies. This versatility, it says, means it supplies solutions to a range of market sectors, including the technology, pharmaceutical, healthcare and electronics industries where it’s vital each element of a facility adheres to global best practice.

‘As a globally recognised standard, architects, contractors, FMs, developers and end-users around the world can know for certain Flowcrete UK’s products and approach complies with the exacting challenges of today’s construction sector and the demands of even the most complex and intensive industries,’ says the company.
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