Shaw - Offices

EVERYONE loves to use colour in a corporate environment. It makes a space feel more interesting and gives you flexibility in open plan office spaces. ‘With new carpet tile collection colour foundation we really wanted to bring in a selection of soft, brighter tones so they feel clean and crisp’, says Marcy Ewing, director of the global design studio at Shaw Contract. From the outset this selected palette of 24 colours was said to be chosen to work with UK and European commercial workspace interior trends.

Shaw Contract says carpet tile offers a great design tool because you can make a beautiful statement on the floor and change the whole feel of your office space. From transition and collaboration zones to quiet areas, you have what the company describes as an easy solution to create distinctive and comfortable interiors.

You can also create ‘stunning visual contrasts and interest’ by combining carpet tile with resilient flooring options in offices, adds Ewing. This design trend has reportedly been driven by the requirement for different functional zones in large open plan areas, as well as evolving design aesthetics.

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