Surface preparation – Mapei

LATEXPLAN No Ammonia is a ‘two-part, fast-setting, moisture-tolerant, cement-based, latex-mixed levelling compound’, according to Mapei.

‘It’s suitable for levelling differences in thickness between 3-10mm in one application on new and existing substrates over a wide range of surface conditions,’ says the company.

‘Latexplan No Ammonia can be used over most old existing adhesive residues including bitumen. It’s suitable for application on to plywood, ceramic tiles and when needed, Mapei’s Mapeproof ESM and Mapeproof One Coat surface DPM’s, in most cases without priming.’

Once applied, Latexplan No Ammonia apparently has a setting time of about 30 minutes, can receive light foot traffic after about 60 minutes and is ready to receive floorcoverings after four hours, depending on the ambient temperature.
Latexplan No Ammonia is said to have a compressive strength < 20N/sq mm and a flexural strength < 6N/sq mm.
‘Look out for Mapei’s Latexplan No Ammonia video available at and You Tube,’ says the company. ‘The product is also part of Mapei’s comprehensive flooring training course which is conducted by their training managers on a monthly basis at their new Mapei training academy in Halesowen.’