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TILEMASTER Adhesives’ Professional Flooring Products range consists of various single-part and two-part smoothing compounds for, reportedly, all types of substrate, flooring material and time-frames. These products are manufactured in Leyland, Lancashire and are designed to help solve challenges faced by flooring contractors and tilers.

‘For projects that require a ‘heavy duty’ compound, FineFlow 3000 provides a fast-setting option, along with exceptional levelling and smoothing properties,’ says Tilemaster.
‘FineFlow 3000 is a water-based, protein-free compound that can be applied from feather-edge to 20mm in a single application; it can receive floorcoverings such as decorative vinyl, safety flooring and other impervious floor finishes after 24 hours, and ceramic, porcelain or natural stone tiles after three hours.

‘The versatile product is suitable for all solid substrates, including those that contain underfloor heating, can be pump applied and can also be left uncovered and used as a wearing surface.’

The company says that other single-part smoothing compounds include LevelFlex and AnhyLevel.  ‘LevelFlex is a fibre-reinforced self-levelling and smoothing compound, which can be poured from 2-50mm one application,’ says the company.

‘It can be ready to receive impervious floor finishes after 24 hours and tiled after three hours.  AnhyLevel is a gypsum based self-levelling and smoothing compound that is 100% compatible with anhydrite/gypsum-based screeds and can be applied up to 20mm in one pour.’

Two-part products within the range include Pro Flow, a reportedly rapid-setting, high performance and moisture-tolerant smoothing compound suitable for a range of substrates and applications and Trade Flow, a multi-purpose smoothing compound that’s said to offer excellent flow and levelling properties.

‘If faster options are required, the range also includes ultra-rapid setting products, such as Rapid Level 30, a single-part smoothing product, and Super Flow 30, the two-part adaptation,’ says the company.

‘Both products can be applied from 2-15mm and can accept light foot traffic after 30 minutes. They can be tiled in as little as 45 minutes and have floorcoverings, such as LVT and other resilient materials, installed after 90 minutes.’

Tilemaster Adhesives’ self-levelling and smoothing compounds are offered alongside a range of preparation products, including primers, DPMs, waterproofing tanking kits, adhesives, 18 grout shades and colour-matched silicones. 

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