Tarkett - Sports flooring

WITH a portfolio of green products, Tarkett says it has long been a part of creating environmentally friendly spaces. But Tarkett’s sustainable floors aren’t only of benefit to the building user, the company says. Its flooring collections are said to be designed for easy installation, whilst offering features that save contractor’s time and money.

GreenLay compatible floors reportedly require just 2% of the surface being glued down in key areas, supported by Tarkotape along the weld joints. A surface of 1000sq m, which would usually require 300kg of glue, now requires only 5kg, Tarkett says. This ease of installation reportedly reduces time spent by approximately 20%, whilst delivering a real cost saving. What’s more, GreenLay is said to provide easier access to the subfloor after installation, maintain resistance to rolling loads as well as being compatible with heated subfloors.

GreenLay reportedly facilitates end-of-life recycling in two ways. Because GreenLay surfaces are 98% adhesive free, removing the material from the floor is said to be much easier than a fully adhered floor. This also means that more of the floor is ready to be recycled so post-use removal issues are eliminated before the surface has even been used, Tarkett continues.

GreenLay is reportedly safe, efficient and EN14904 compliant. Over the past 20 years, more than 2 million square metres of flooring has been laid using the GreenLay technique. In addition, Tarkett concludes, each correct installation has a ten-year warranty, giving all parties peace of mind.

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