Wood & laminate flooring - Bona

A WOODEN sports floor is designed to flex with the athlete’s weight and movement, and this places great demands on the products used to finish the surface. Another important parameter is the slip resistance of the surface.

Too little friction increases the risk of slipping, while too much increases the risk of injury. The surface must be easily maintained to retain the surface properties, with products that can remove the build-up of body fats and other contaminants, black heel marks and other scuff marks. A correct maintenance regime, specified at the outset, will mean the floor will also retain its surface properties for longer and extend the time required between renovations.

The Bona Sportive System is said to be designed to deliver the longest possible lifetime for all

wooden sports and multi-use floors and will ensure the surface remains ‘easy to maintain’.
The system includes waterborne Bona Sportive Finish (which is claimed to meet leading standards for indoor sports floors - EN 14904:2006 and DIN 18032:2), Bona Sportive Primer and Bona Sportive line marking paint. Bona Sportive Cleaner and Cleaner Plus are claimed to deliver effective, compatible maintenance solutions.

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