Wood & laminate flooring - Floorwise

THROUGH what’s described as a specialist range of underlays, floorwise provides retailers and contractors with a range of products designed to combat the common issues presented by wood and laminate floors.

‘Retailers and installers looking for a value-driven choice should look towards the Whisper collection of lightweight PE foam underlays,’ says the company.

‘From the base-level Whisper that helps to support joints, through Whisper Green Barrier with its excellent cushioning, built-in vapour barrier and good impact sound insulation; to 5mm thick Whisper Gold that delivers top-class performance for a PE underlay, it’s a collection built on solid performance and consistent quality.’

The company adds: ‘With the rubber sponge constructions of the Acoustica collection, floorwise is offering a performance upgrade as the underlays are capable of absorbing airborne as well as impact sound, something particularly true of the range-topping Acoustica Gold Supreme.

‘Using a high-density rubber crumb construction, this 3.5mm thick product not only delivers impressive impact and airborne noise reduction, but also provides a lasting solution to supporting click joints and coping with subfloor irregularities. With a built-in moisture barrier, this really is a supreme quality wood and laminate underlay that’s ready to take on the toughest challenge.’

Richard Bailey, managing director, floorwise, says: ‘The issue of impact sound has long been known with standardised testing now in place.
‘Our Acoustica underlays are excellent performers in this respect and thanks to their rubber sponge or rubber crumb construction, they also deal handsomely with airborne sound. Particularly in busy areas, the level of background noise with wood and laminate floors can be significant, so Acoustica, and particularly Acoustica Gold Supreme, can help to quieten things a lot.’

Floorwise concludes saying: ‘Manufactured to high-standards, all floorwise wood and laminate meet relevant British Standards and industry norms, so you can be sure of a quality, reliable underlay. The Whisper and Acoustica collections are available at floorwise distributors across the UK and Ireland.’

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