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AS HARO partners are said to be aware, an increasing number of interior designers are on the lookout for comprehensive solutions enabling them to plan staircases that ‘harmonise perfectly’ with the desired ‘high-quality’ parquet, laminate or design flooring.

Owing to Haro’s range of accessories, its partners reportedly have the matching stair-nosing to satisfy all requirements and are said to therefore be equipped to offer complete interior design solutions.

‘Sometimes it’s those small initially inconspicuous details that turn a room into something special,’ says Haro. ‘For example, customers can opt for Haro wall panelling that complements their chosen parquet flooring – using Nevada or Patagonia design wood that’s self-adhesive and simple to install. Or they can choose a Haro stairs solution, and cover their staircases with elegant parquet, laminate or Disano design flooring.’

‘Harmonious and coordinated designs’: In addition to side panels, customers seeking to match staircases to their chosen flooring are looking for stair-noses, treads and risers that will produce a harmonious look.

‘Haro provides sophisticated solutions for parquet, healthy living style Classic Aqua design flooring or Haro laminate flooring (at least 8mm in thickness),’ it says. ‘These make an elegant impression and are very much in-line with current trends.’

Haro says it offers various formats to satisfy practically all design needs, including Longstrip, Plank 1-Strip or Strip Parquet. Customers can choose the variant that best suits their taste and staircase type (width of treads, for example).

Three ‘compelling’ stair-nosings: For example, the Haro range of accessories includes stair-nosing in 60x60 mm format, with single-side click attachment, for covering the tread. With this variant, the riser is normally left free. Or the new 60x120 mm format, recently added to the accessory programme, with click attachment at two sides, for covering tread and riser.
Requiring only a single board, this variant is conducive to the economic use of material. A further alternative is stair-nosing that covers the tread and enfolds the edge of the step.

Stair-nosings for many wood types and designs: These stair-nosings are said to be available for practically every popular type of wood, and for Longstrip, Plank 1-Strip or Strip Parquet Maxim. They also come in the surfaces permaDur, naturaDur and naturaLin plus.

‘As a Haro dealer, you can, of course, also offer formats and sizes that are tailored to customers’ individual needs,’ says the company. ‘These will then be manufactured in the desired wood type.

Haro’s range of accessories for staircases is of real benefit to Haro dealers and enables them to generate genuine added value for customers.’