Back open and raring to go!

The Fita training centre in Loughborough is Covid-secure and back open and delivering training courses to the commercial and domestic flooring sectors, says Shaun.

BACK in March following a meeting with key Fita personnel, the decision was made for the Loughborough training centre to stop delivering training and activity. The decision wasn’t taken lightly. As a not-for-profit training centre that prides itself on offering training to the wider floorlaying industry (domestically and commercially) it was our ambition to align ourselves with construction and continue to operate as per government guidelines as long as possible.  

As the pandemic progressed it became clear training wasn’t ‘essential activity’ when compared against the possibility of our training consultants and delegates risking infection. We had to take into consideration what we’re asking course delegates and Fita training consultants to do at that time for our schedule to go ahead, including travel and unnecessary social contact during training and while staying away from home.

Viewing how other industry sectors opened back up after lockdown as well as strategic early planning, we were confident changes could be made to our safety measures ensuring Fita could offer a safe return to high quality flooring courses in a secure environment.

We’ve worked extensively to prepare the centre, creating safe environments for learning in every aspect of our course, from reducing the maximum number of delegates to social distancing measures.

Our training consultants have been correctly prepared on how this changes delivery of content, management of courses and how to create safe spaces for delegates while ensuring distancing is maintained when required. We have clear guidance on how delegates should conduct themselves when attending training to protect each other and our training consultants, we’ve amended all of our safety precautions at the centre including Covid-related information to our health and safety induction, sanitising stations and have introduced relevant distancing measures for all areas of the centre including toilets, canteens and classrooms.

This new information is now part of our booking process with guidance on aspects such as travel, accommodation and face-coverings with detailed support and links to government guidance always available.

We’ve continued to have tremendous backing from our sponsors during this time as well as both co-founding trade associations CFA and NICF. This support is vital to Fita and helps us continue to offer training courses as an independent, not-for-profit training organisation.

We’ve also used this time to work on some exciting new content, including updates to current courses alongside some brand-new courses to be announced in August along with the 2020-2021 Fita Digital Prospectus.

We can’t wait to invite delegates, sponsors, and commercial clients back to the centre and we hope the industry still views training as a necessity to train its workforces in correct installation techniques and the #FITAWay!

Interested in training your workforce? Get in touch and I’d be happy to talk/video call to discuss all options.
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