Sole trader ‘benefits from Master Installer backing’

THE Quick-Step Master Installer programme has reportedly been a key foundation in the Academy for Excellence in Flooring’s effort to promote standards and best practices in the flooring installation sector.

‘Master Installers are given a leading manufacturer-backed lifetime workmanship guarantee that has increasingly been viewed as a benchmark for industry professionals in a competitive installer marketplace,’ says the academy.

Allan Milford, based in South Devon, is a sole trader working on predominantly residential and newbuild projects around the UK. Starting his career straight from college more than 30 years ago, where he completed his training in carpet fitting, before moving into specialising in vinyl and laminate floor installations.

Most recently Allan has been working on a newbuild site alongside a continually busy stream of residential clients which stands testament to his experience. Allan’s Master Installer badge has given him the backing of a recognised manufacturer guarantee that he wouldn’t have been able to match as a sole trader.

‘As a sole trader in a competitive market, having the backing of a national company was the deciding factor for me. I also am the only Master Installer within 15-20m of my base in South Devon, so it does give me a head above local competition.

‘The warranty has really helped as it gives clients a reassurance that I know my trade and can install to key standards. Being able to include my Master Installer backing as part of initial discussions has meant, along with references from my previous clients, I have the backing as well as the prowess to provide a great finished floor that lasts. This is certainly a draw above competitors and gives my residential clients the confidence to use me.

‘Having the backing of a large recognised company gives me a key advantage and has been the reason I have renewed my membership over the last two-and-a-half years for my Vinyl Master Installer and four plus years for Wood & Laminate Master Installer.’

The Academy for Excellence in Flooring currently has availability for the three-day training and certification scheme.

The programme includes a mixture of discussions, presentations, one-to-one mentoring throughout the course and up to five practical installations in dedicated training bays. At the end of the course, there will be a pass or fail assessment for the Master Installer status.