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Climate Control clothing delivers exceptional comfort, performance’

SNICKERS Workwear will give your workday working clothes a good foundation, says Snickers.

‘Upgraded, innovative and sustainable – Snickers Workwear ‘Climate Control’ clothing delivers exceptional comfort and performance. There’s a range of garments that use socially and environmentally responsible fibre technology such as 100% recycled polyester, as well as others available in high-tech breathable fabrics.’

For consistent comfort, the seamless designs are also reportedly available in 37.5deg ventilating technology for what Snickers describes as efficient body moisture transport as well as odour-reducing merino wool to suit different types of work, whatever the weather conditions.

‘These cutting-edge AllroundWork, FLEXIWork and LITEWork designs and fabrics will keep you cool, warm and dry when you need to be. All the garments are made from quick drying, lightweight fabrics that come with special ventilation features to control and regulate the heat from your body. All in all, Snickers Workwear Baselayer clothing will give you the kind of fresh working comfort you wouldn’t have thought possible.’

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