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Company Dynamics software is an all-embracing business solution

To survive and grow, every business owner needs to increase sales and control their costs, it’s been this way long before the common place computer entered onto the scene. We’ve watched as changes in technology over the past 25 years or so, has helped to enhance the furniture and flooring trade. The computer has risen from being a back office glorified calculator to become a necessary tool in operating the daily management of your store and warehouse. The progression of portable devices, sees them out in the hand of the sales person or on-site with the estimator and getting signed for the delivery driver.

What we have gain from the embracement of technology, is not just in the back office and warehouse controls. But a new way to present our business in a more efficient and effective way to an ever-changing audience. Over the past year, our users have had to adopt ways to target customers, via web sites and online ordering. Making changes on how they control getting messages to their customers and offer a better delivery service than competitors, which all helps to build on reputation and increase recommendations.

We understand that customer service is key to maintaining reputation. As with all businesses, large and small, using the right tools to manage this makes all the difference.
Company Dynamics software is an all-embracing business solution, as you’d expect from any modern day computer system. Where we stand out from the rest, is the additional enhancements for stock control, order reporting and work flow management and planning.

From quote to invoice, the system controls every aspect of the order. Our streamlined processes cover every part of this, even for the most complex orders, and deals with job costing, reverse VAT, CIS, rebates & retentions and all the additional effort we find ourselves having to cope with, even on the most simplest of jobs. We are currently automating links to websites, connecting to supply chain stock feeds and providing extra tools for planning and routing deliveries along with our usual speedy support service.

Our system is designed to work with all types of business, whether you be a single store or a multi-branch outlet, our highly customisable software can be designed to give you the right tools for the job. Fitting around your operation and removing the complexity that other systems give to all the users, even if they don’t require it.

We pride ourselves on giving our customers the solution they require to run their business and not just to sell software and walk away. Our reputation for this is backed up by the countless recommendations that have allowed us to grow and develop our software to further benefit our customers. We provide the “real deal” when it comes to furniture and flooring software.

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