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CFA report reflects focus on sustainability

The CFA has launched its major new report on sustainability and the environment. It deserves the flooring industry’s attention.

ONCE, not too long ago, being ‘green’ (or to be more formal, environmentally conscious) was something ‘other companies’ did. Usually, those companies were large corporates with enough spare cash to be able to invest in the vague concept of ‘corporate responsibility’.

That time has now passed. As climate change becomes increasingly important to the global agenda, there’ll be nowhere for anyone to hide when sustainable practices are EXPECTED of us, rather than just seen as a cosy extra.

Towards that inevitable end, the CFA has launched ‘Zero Avoidable Waste in Flooring – Towards a Circular Economy’. Aiming to establish a benchmark for the environmental and sustainability position of the contract flooring supply chain, the report sets out the achievements of the industry so far and highlights the challenges and priorities for improving our performance in the future.
In this month’s CFA section issue, you can read more about the report, and in next month’s Sustainability Guide, we’ll devote time and space to an in-depth look into the report.

‘The flooring industry is keen to emphasise it’s on the same page as government, with regard to the need for constant improvement on sustainability,’ says Richard Catt, CFA ceo, who contributes the foreword for the report. ‘Many companies in our sector are already doing everything they can on this – developing sustainable products, considering how the waste from their processes can be reused,’ says Richard. ‘The CFA itself is at the leading edge – with this report being an example of our willingness to invest in pushing the boundaries on sustainability. We’re soon to begin collaborating with international partners on a four-year research programme, concerned with developing circular products and we’re actively supporting the Sustainability Summit at CFJ Live.’

The summit to which Richard refers is to take place at the CFJ Online Flooring Expo taking place online on Thursday 1 July. The summit will form part of the expo and start at 3pm. It will last about an hour.

Doug Morwood, founder of Insight Futures, will chair the five-person panel which will discuss, in this year of COP26, what flooring companies are doing to show their commitment to the net zero targets, and what they’re doing to advance product recovery, reuse and recycling.

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