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‘High-level sophistication’ at Sanlam Wealthsmiths

THE London offices of Sanlam Wealthsmiths, a global private investment and wealth management firm, have been refurbished with carpet tiles and LVT from IVC Commercial in a scheme focused on a neutral palette with pops of colour and texture.

Designed by Oktra, the Monument Street offices of Sanlam are a showcase of the elegant application of different materials and finishes. From flashes of teal fabric task chairs in work booths to the matt black cupboards and oak slatted ceiling of the breakout, Sanlam is described as an elegant, sophisticated space that invites collaboration while appreciating privacy and concentration.

Throughout open working spaces, IVC Commercial’s Popular Attraction carpet tiles were opted for. Says the company: ‘The understated organic design adds movement and interest across the floor and helps designate circulation areas while supporting the scheme’s neutral palette in the greys of 924 and 959.’

In the breakout, Oktra’s Steffi Diola, opted for Moduleo 55 Expressive Jumble Stone: ‘The subtle colours and bold pattern of IVC Commercial’s Jumble Stone add a bit of fun to the breakout but still delivers the high-level sophistication seen throughout the floor,’ explains Steffi.

Says IVC: ‘As part of the Expressive collection, Jumble Stone is a high-performance LVT that stands out for its unique design approach. A mixture of randomised tonal geometric shapes, the vinyl floor tile uses IVC Commercial’s CIR (Cut in Register) technology for a floor with an authentic natural texture. Water-resistant and equipped with Protectonite for simple cleaning, it’s perfect for busy breakout and kitchen areas.’

The company concludes: ‘Popular Attraction and Jumble Stone are made in Belgium to deliver a performance solution to the flooring challenges of today’s workplaces. Providing floorcoverings that withstand high levels of footfall and remain easy to clean, they’ve contributed to a successful scheme that’s led to Oktra winning the contract for Sanlam Wealthsmiths 1,800sq m Bristol office.’

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